Working in inspiring and collaborative hubs

Xwork's mission is to provide all employees with comfortable, flexible, and adjustable workspaces close to home, that are seamless to book and use through an application.

Well-being & Comfort

We believe that a happy employee is a successful employee. Using Xwork as a remote working solution increases the well-being of employees. Xwork offers employees a variety of spaces and locations to meet everyone's comfort needs. Space and time are two important dimensions in our perception of work comfort and personal well-being.

That is why Xwork selects the best shared workspaces that are less than half an hour from where 85% of all Belgian employees live, which results in a better work-life balance.

Work efficiency

Xwork offers insipiring and collaborative locations to employees, which provide a more appropriate working environment and will boost their work efficiency.


How does it work?

Overview of current user credit and booking history
Choose the hub where you want to work that is approved by your employer
Book an office space and/or meeting room quickly and easily according to your available user credit.

Let's talk about it

If you would like to share the challenges of hybrid work and discover how Xwork aims to deliver on the principle of "remote work made simple", don't hesitate to contact us!