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Why become part of the Xwork network?


Booking volume

To meet the needs of large enterprises, an optimal geographic coverage is required. Spreading the remote work needs of a company over all available locations will appeal to the decision-makers of these companies.

This high demand can only be met with a large network, close to where their staff lives. This Flex volume is an addition to the traditional Fix income and is a source of sustainable growth for the coworkings.


By being listed in an app that is available nationwide (and in the future internationally), the coworkings will clearly present their offer to companies and their employees. Coworkings that are part of the Xwork network will quickly become the reference in a fast-growing and highly competitive market.



While employees have experienced the difficulties of working from home, shared workspaces may become the solution of choice for the future. They have yet to emerge as a place of absolute trust. Xwork wants to be the legitimate partner of the best workplaces, as we want to connect with companies in a sustainable and responsible way. Xwork is determined to promote this new working standard.

Our partnership in 5 steps

Onboarding to the Xwork platform
Import or add your coworking spaces & meeting rooms
Manage the availability of flex desks (day passes) and meeting rooms
Welcome the Xwork members to your locations
Bill Xwork each month based on the bookings made via the Xwork platform

Integrate with the tools you use

Xwork seamlessly integrates with the way you work today.

Let's talk about it

If you would like to share the challenges of hybrid work and discover how Xwork aims to deliver on the principle of "Remote work made simple", don't hesitate to contact us!