Benefit from remote working

Employees don't want to work every day of the week in the company's office or headquarters anymore. Alternately in the office, at home and in hubs (in shared workspaces), seems to be preferred by the majority.
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Optimizing hybrid work

The main objectives of hybrid working are flexibility (management of flows within and between the different workplaces), team involvement & loyalty, and financial impact (control and optimization of expenditure and fixed costs).

Freedom of choice

Offering an unprecedented freedom of choice in the workplace enhances employee engagement and contributes to their professional development, while promoting their efficiency. This will develop a sense of togetherness and employee loyalty. There is an urgent need to strengthen the agility of companies, which must dynamically adapt to the constantly changing working conditions required to perform their tasks.

The Xwork network will soon consist of more than 40 hubs that meet the quality standards of companies in 20 Belgian cities, all of which are located at a maximum travel time of 1/2h from where 85% of all Belgians live.

Cost control

Xwork offers HR departments the ability to centralize and monitor in real time the days and hours worked in shared workspaces for all employees authorized to do so (within company-defined standards and limits).

These are tools that manage the costs of remote working and are compliant and aligned to the business practices and processes of companies and (para)public organizations. Xwork guarantees that companies will never exceed the budget allocated to Xwork. 

Xwork promises the most accurate pricing (pay-as-you-use) of coworking costs in an all-in environment in which billing is postpaid. And the most important part of it all: ZERO obligation to any minimum duration or use!


How Xwork simplifies the way companies work



HR departments get a real time overview of all bookings made by their teams and individual employees, giving them insight into how Remote Work is being perceived by their personnel.


Finance departments receive one single periodical invoice, which contains an overview of all shared workspaces and services booked by their employees. This allows them to have an accurate and predictable picture of the expenditure per cost center and of their needs for office spaces.

Xwork takes care of the PO generation of the variable costs and details the invoice per cost center for easy and relevant cost allocation.


Integrate with the tools you use

Xwork seamlessly integrates with the way you work today.

Let's talk about it

If you want to consider shared workspaces within your hybrid work policy and discover how Xwork aims to deliver the easiest way to integrate them, feel free to contact us!