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Working differently: Hybrid - why & how?

The model has changed: the future of work will be hybrid, a healthy mix of office-based and remote work. After months of a forced home office, we can’t wait to get back to the office and enjoy the social interaction with colleagues. However, in the past few months we did get a taste of freedom: a better work-life balance, less time spent commuting, less stress... the numerous benefits of Remote Work.

Hybrid work now covers 3 H’s: Home, Hub, and Headquarter as work locations, and this topic is taking over ExCo meeting agendas everywhere! Within this new work environment, Xwork is focusing on “Hub”, the remote shared workspace, as its corporate tagline “Remote work made simple” sums up.

Why Xwork?

Xwork provides companies’ employees, who are spread all over the country, a platform to book inspiring and collaborative workspaces located at less than 1/2h away from home.
We use a selection of A-type shared workspaces (compliant with companies’ expected QoS and corporate standards).
Our platform easily manages the whole process (from both a Corporate and Employee perspective) by being fully integrated with the HR, ERP and office automation tools that are used across large companies.


What does Xwork offer?

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Remote work made simple

Xwork enriches hybrid work by offering companies access to shared workspaces through its fully integrated platform

Improved employee well-being, efficiency and engagement, thanks to a work environment that is more suitable than the home office

A highly appreciated advantage for young workers who do not always have an optimal working environment at home (read our white paper for more information)

Reduced mobility costs, thanks to shorter travel times

Reduction of real estate costs, thanks to a Pay-as-you-use model


Let's talk about it

If you would like to share the challenges of hybrid work with us and discover how Xwork aims to live up to the principle of "remote work made simple", don't hesitate to contact us!