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Xwork helps companies save on office and mobility costs by
providing flexible and inspirational workspaces close to home, while improving their employees' engagement and work-life balance
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Our nationwide network

Xwork offers a nationwide network of 40+ inspiring and collaborative coworking spaces that are compliant with corporate standards and the expected QoS. Our fast-growing network is a major benefit to each company seeking to attract and retain talent, by offering a coworking space that is located less than 1/2h away from home.


In times of high energy and fuel prices, the use of our coworking locations results in significant savings on mobility costs thanks to fewer and shorter trips.

Why Xwork?

✅ A nationwide network of more than 40 coworking locations with over 1.000 flex desks and 100 meeting rooms. These first-class coworking spaces comply with the security and comfort standards of corporates.


✅ An intuitive app which easily allows your employees to book a flex desk or meeting room located less than ½ h from home.


✅ A management tool that allows your HR team to manage both the access and the budget.


What does Xwork offer?

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Hybrid work has never been so well thought out

Xwork enriches the hybrid work policy of companies by giving workers access to

to third-party workplaces close to their homes via its integrated platform.

Improved employee well-being, efficiency and engagement, thanks to a work environment that is more suitable than the home office

A highly appreciated advantage for young workers who do not always have an optimal working environment at home (read our white paper for more information)

Reduced mobility costs, thanks to shorter travel times

Reduction of real estate costs, thanks to a Pay-as-you-use model


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Xwork enriches companies' hybrid work policies by giving employees access to external workplaces close to home through its integrated platform.